Since 2001, SkillShow has been filming athletes, teams & events nationwide in all sports. Our core specialty of producing high quality video for amateur athletes & events has enabled us to dominate the market as a vendor and partner to some of the top organizations, schools & travel teams in the country.

In Baseball, we have filmed the nation's top High School prospects, our founders have college & professional baseball experience, we are partnered with some of the best events & club teams in the country, plus ESPN & MLB Network have used our video footage in their MLB Draft coverages since 2007. SkillShow also works directly with many MLB scouting departments to provide videos for their Draft scouting.

In Soccer, Football, Volleyball, Softball, Basketball, etc., we produce Game Films, Game Edits & Skills Videos for individuals, teams, schools & major event partners. Be sure to contact us at 833-NEED-VID to ask about how we can help you!

Video is our premium service & expertise. It is one of the most valuable forms of information in scouting & college recruiting. Lack of a professional demo reel can delay or even destroy an athlete's career! SkillShow's video services provide brilliant solutions to individuals, teams, and event organizers to assist with filming, editing, and distributing videos via the digital download.

Tailor-made videos for Athletes

With SkillShow videos, athletes have one of the best tools to showcase their athleticism, body type, and basic mechanics to college coaches, pro scouts, and family or friends that wish to follow their career. Skills videos, game videos, and assorted home video clips can all be used to demonstrate an athlete's ability to play and need to be organized and presented professionally.

Localized film services for Teams

Do you manage a team or a club/organization (or even an event)? SkillShow can offer localized video services for your players/teams! We can offer a special rate for a filming event or session when five or more athletes sign up for a video from a specific filming session or game.

As an expert in sports videography at the amateur sports levels, SkillShow has developed the most complete full-service solution for showcasing talent for athletes of all ages. Our core competency of producing high quality video for amateur athletes & events has enabled SkillShow to assist an underserviced market as a vendor and partner to some of the top event organizations, schools & travel teams in the country.

Resources for Recruiters and Scouts

Contact SkillShow at 1-833-NEED-VID or for additional information regarding SkillShow's athlete video services.

SkillShow Video Services

SkillShow offers filming and editings services for individuals, groups, team and events that ready to get to the next level.

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